Thanks to the Lord of Glory, the galleries and growing list of collectors
who made my fine art career possible.

J.Mitchell Scott

"Short Time Before Closing" Savannah City Market 1954


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Legacy In Oyster Shells

On Walking Sticks

NEW---Cow Pasture Cabin

NEW-Framed By Spartina- Watercolor

NEW- Sapalo Light- Watercolor

NEW-My Burning Barrel Baby

NEW- Bluffton Oyster Co

NEW---"Far As The Eye Can See"

NEW---Short Time Before Closing

Potato Man- Study

Sunbathing At Bluffton

The Landscape of Egypt

Coffee Bluff Constitutions--Sold

Tuggs At My Heart--- Sold

Illuminating The Past

Poles At 10 Oclock

Ebenezers Landing

Blufftons Brilliance---Sold

Taking Mama Fishing--Sold

A Sunny Factor's Walk

Benson's Backyard

Pinpoint Landing--Sold

Really Into It ( Study)--- Sold

Come Sunday

Lake Pastels

Really Into It

Rusted Down--- Sold


Harmony At The Lake

Passing Pinpoint--Sold

Salt Marsh Silence----Sold

Shrimpers At Darien---Sold


Low Country Green

Noon Tide--- Sold

Ogeechee Blues---Sold

Strutting In The Shallows--Sold

Tobacco Memories--- Sold


In The Pink

Cane Fishing---Sold

A Vine Runs Through It

Egret Eye---Sold

The Early Morning martin Show---Sold

Enchanted Landmark

Majesty Over The Marsh Land---Private Collection

Coming Home To Roost

Island Canoe Stand---Sold

Today's Bouquet---Sold

Lapping Sunlight

Pop's Place---Commissioned

Blue Breaking Through

Longhorn Drinks

Puluxy River Pause

Brazos In Bluebonnets

Let Me Grandpa

Old Timers

Henry On Caddo

Her Roboso

Old World Sheep

Boats Of Bournemouth

Peak Enjoyment

North Shore, Hawaii

Caribbean Yacht Club

Caribbean Cruise

Hart Of The Woods

Spring Run Off

It Brought Forth Water

FM 450 At Four

Blessed By latter Rains

Country Club Drive Cowboy

Palace Peacock

Canyon Party

Thumbs Up

Cloudy In The West

Pinpoint's Last Gleaming

Pinpoint Legacy

Along Shipyard Road

Windbreak On Haney's Creek

When the Morning Comes

Coastal Georgia

Strolling Factors Walk

Moment In The Sun

Fall At Pinpoint

Big Gulp

At Home In The Marsh

Made To Wade

Time To Move On

In The Middle Of Ossabaw Island

Born Free

Show Time At Forsyth

Young Corn

The Inside Story

Polking Around A Dry Grass Marsh

Crab Session

Burnside Island


Seining Pinpoint

Passing To The West

Last Flight Out

Skimming The Surface

Barnard Cleaning His Oyster Skiff

Marsh Buddies


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